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Community Guidelines

Guidelines for Pridate Community Members

In navigating the Pridate experience, the outcomes mirror your input-truthfulness and respect leading to engaging conversations, potential connections, and perhaps love. Conversely, dishonesty, abuse, or confrontational behavior may result in a lack of audience and potential banning.

Pridate is unwavering in its dedication to fostering a secure and genuine space where diversity, mutual respect, and sex positivity thrive. Millions of individuals rely on us to provide a stellar and secure app experience, and each team member is committed to upholding the trust our community places in us.

As a user, your role is pivotal in making Pridate exceptional. Therefore, we aim to be explicit about expectations and how we handle instances where expectations aren’t met. These guidelines apply to all your content and activities on Pridate, both on and off the platform. Periodic reviews and updates ensure relevance.

In addition to the guidelines below, we encourage you to explore our safety tips for valuable insights. Report any behavior or user violating our policies or terms of service to help us maintain the excellence of Pridate.

Respect and Consideration

Express yourself freely on Pridate, but not at the expense of others. Share what you’re into on your profile rather than focusing on what you’re not. The age-old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” applies here, just like at your [grandmother’s].

Respect someone’s desire for solitude when indicated. Misusing the reporting system for personal grievances or creating new accounts for unwanted contact may lead to a permanent ban.

Hate, Violence, and Content Sensitivity

We strictly prohibit hate speech and violence. Serious threats or abuse towards another user will result in a permanent ban. Content deemed overly graphic, offensive, or insensitive will be removed, even if unintentional. Depictions of self-harm or suicide are also not allowed.

Reports of violence, threats, or assault, both on and off our platform, are treated seriously. In case of a serious incident, contact [law enforcement] and then reach out to our support team at

Content promoting racism, bigotry, violence, hate, dehumanization, or harm based on factors like race, ethnicity, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, or appearance may be considered hate speech, resulting in severe actions against a profile.

Graphic, violent, or offensive content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Images of weapons and firearms (toy images in a non-threatening context are acceptable)
  • Images with blood or gore (costumes with fake blood are acceptable)
  • Violent or threatening images against any person or group, including political figures (including cartoons or illustrations)
  • Images affiliating with or supporting violent, hateful, or extremist groups
  • Images or descriptions of self-harm or suicide
  • Images of dead animals, including hunting and fishing photos
  • Images considered hurtful and insensitive (including jokes or memes)

Nudity and Sexual Content

Pridate embraces a sex-positive culture but refrains from allowing pornography or explicit nudity in public profiles. Images sent privately are acceptable with consent from the recipient.

Sending unsolicited nude or sexual photos may result in a ban.

In the image grid, we prohibit:

  • Pornographic images (depicting sex acts, real or mimicked, clothed or unclothed, alone or with others)
  • Exposed genitals or anus
  • For those identifying as female and/or female-presenting: exposed breasts or nipples (excluding [#freethenipple])
  • Bodily fluids, including semen, urine, or blood (fake blood in costumes is acceptable)

Legal Compliance

Illegal activities offline are also prohibited on Pridate. This includes drugs. Illegal content or depictions of illegal activities will be taken down and reported to authorities when necessary.

Drug Policies

Mentions of marijuana, over-the-counter medication, and prescribed medications are allowed. However, evidence of misuse, encouraging irresponsible use, or discussions of buying/selling will result in a ban. We do not allow profiles primarily focused on drug content. Non-prescription drugs, other than marijuana, are not allowed unless in the context of addiction recovery.


Pridate is exclusively for adults aged 18 and above (or older in specific jurisdictions). Violating this age limit may result in a ban and involve appropriate authorities. Images of anyone under 18, in any context, are strictly prohibited. This includes situations where a minor’s face is blurred or in the background.

Communication with another user believed to be under 18 violates our age policy. Report underage profiles to ensure the safety of all users.

Authenticity Matters

  • Be genuine on Pridate. Impersonating others, including [celebrities], will lead to a ban. Your posted content should represent you truthfully. Prohibited actions include:
  • Images of [celebrities] or public figures unless it’s genuinely you.
  • Images of [celebrity impersonators] where clarity is lacking.
  • Images violating [copyright], containing [watermarks], or not being of you or taken by you.
  • Removal of “Junk” images (like solid black boxes) may be requested if your profile is reported as fake.
  • If you would like to keep your profile active, we may ask you to verify your identity once again after initial verification.

Protection of Private Information

Pridate will never request personal details such as your password or credit card information. Protect yourself by keeping such information confidential. Sensitive personal information displayed publicly, such as phone numbers and addresses, will be removed. Unwelcome solicitation of personal information, spamming, or scamming will result in a ban.

Posting private information, including contact details, social security numbers, passports, passwords, and financial information, is strictly prohibited. If planning to meet someone from Pridate, share private contact information privately.

All personal information on Pridate is optional and can be deleted at any time (refer to our [Privacy Policy] for more information). Public posting of private information, such as phone numbers and addresses, will result in suspension or a ban.

Promotion and Solicitation

While we appreciate a good side hustle and event invitations, spamming users with links or using Pridate to advertise your business is not allowed. Sexual or financial solicitation is completely prohibited. Pridate is for personal, non-commercial use only.

Prohibited actions include:

Images advertising items or services for sale, featuring a product logo or brand, or displaying website addresses. Images depicting or focusing on cash, credit cards, etc.

Have Fun Responsibly

The rules mentioned above are based on common sense. We’re here to keep Pridate safe, authentic, and welcoming for everyone. Most users contribute positively by being themselves: friendly, chill, and casual. Start there, and you’ll likely have a great experience.

How to Report

If you observe rule violations, report them using the [block/report icon] button in the upper right corner of the profile. The more information you provide in the comments or attach to your report, the better we can investigate.

Always practice tolerance and give others the benefit of the doubt, both on Pridate and elsewhere. If someone upsets you without violating guidelines, consider using the block feature to avoid further contact. Reporting non-issues will keep us focused on real problems.

Image rules

Not allowed anywhere:

  • No images of minors, even if they’re in the background or blurred.
  • No violence, weapons, offensive or illegal content.
  • No images of drugs (including implied drug use & drug paraphernalia).
  • No spam, advertising, or offers to buy or sell goods or services.

Not allowed on the grid:

  • No pornography or sexually explicit nudity.
  • Images in the grid should be of you or taken by you.

We use a mix of automated and human reviews when approving images. If you see an image on Pridate that violates our rules, please report it to our moderation team.

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